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The Algerian dinar is the basic unit of Algerian currency and a symbol of the Algerian Republic. The currency symbol is: DA

Local name Used Date
New Years Eve The first day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar January 1
Yenayer Amazigh New Year’s Day. January 12
workers’ day A day off for workers. May 1
Independence Day The anniversary of Algeria’s independence, corresponding to July 5, 1962 July 5
Anniversary of the outbreak of the liberation revolution National holiday, commemorating the outbreak of the revolution, corresponding to Monday, November 1, 1954 November 1
Hijri New Year The first day of the year according to the Hijri calendar 1 Mouharram
Achoura 10 Muharram
The prophet’s birthday On the day of the birth of Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah, may the prayers and peace of God be upon him 12 Rabi` al-Awwal
Eid al-Fitr End of Ramadan 1 Shawwal
Eid al-Adha Season of Hajj Dul-Hijjah 10